The secret connection between cold weather and the common cold

The cooler time of the year is here, and with it you can more often than not hear statements such as “don’t get cold or you’ll catch the cold” or “be careful not to let your immune system weaken, it’s the common cold season”. So what is the connection between cold weather, the immune system and the common cold?

First and foremost, the term “immunity” should be defined. Immunity is the ability of an organism to defend itself against various infections, diseases or other biological and chemical invasions. It is a complex system aimed at protecting our body from external and harmful influences, various bacteria, viruses and parasites.

But what exactly makes us more susceptible to the common cold during the winter months?

At lower temperatures, the activity and function of our immune system weakens. In addition, staying indoors in spaces that are less frequently ventilated while also being in contact with other persons caters to the spread of viruses.

Moreover, a lower temperature causes an increase in the rate at which rhinoviruses – the usual common cold pathogen – multiply in the body, meaning that a higher amount of infectious particles is produced.

Here are several recommendations that we can easily introduce in our daily life that have a significant impact on our body and that can help us prevent the ever-present common cold:

  • A balanced diet and proper nutrition are essential for a well-functioning immune system. Try to have as many cooked meals as possible, and as little fast food as possible. Remember to eat chicken soup. This is not just a myth: eating chicken soup has been shown to have a mild anti-inflammatory effect due to the slowing of neutrophil migration (neutrophils are cells of the immune system engaged in the inflammatory response).
  • During the winter months we require more zinc, iron, copper, selenium, vitamin A, B6, C and E. Try to consume as much foods rich in these vitamins or minerals as possible, especially vitamin C. Due to its antioxidative effect, vitamin C reduces the duration of the common cold and the severity of its symptoms. Specifically, leukocytes are activated during infection and produce oxidizing compounds that are released from the cell, but by reacting with these oxidants, vitamin C can reduce the inflammatory effects they cause.
  • Pay attention to your digestion. Good bacteria in the colon and a balanced intestinal flora are very important: the intestinal flora is crucial for having a good immune system and its protection against pathogens and infections. It’s no surprise then to hear that nearly 80 % of our immunity is found in the gut. Avoid highly refined and fatty foods, and consume as many fibre-rich foods as possible. Remember to drink plenty of fluids: apart from water which is essential, teas are quite popular in wintertime.
  • Be physically active. The temporary rise in body temperature that occurs during exercise can prevent bacteria from multiplying, thereby helping the body defend itself more quickly and effectively against infections. White blood cells circulate faster, which enables them to identify diseases early on and start fighting them as soon as possible. Accelerated blood circulation also encourages the release of hormones which alert the cells to bacteria or viruses.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Good sleep is associated with the release of hormones that are important for our body, so it not only affects our mood throughout the day but also strengthens and recovers our body and improves our immunity.

There are a number of reasons why we become easy targets for viruses during winter. However, there are various preventative mechanisms we can actively employ to defend against them, which are primarily intended to strengthen our immunity.

In addition, today there are many food supplements available for boosting our immunity, and this is where Marti Farm comes into play by assisting our clients in the process of placing food supplements on the market or obtaining a decision on the inclusion of food supplements into the monitoring program.

Lucija Bedeniković /  Mpharm

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